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Coastal is a Mecca

for all natural clothing for ladies who love an organic style.   Our specialties are Linens from FLAX, Classics from USA-made CUT LOOSE and several other complimentary brands made of 100% cottons, linens and silks.

Please note, the proprietor of Coastal has retired, so this website is now for portfolio purposes only. As a designer, I am fond of this 3-page site, full of luxurious textures. Although you can no longer visit the shop, please visit the site. 

Coastal Clothes

Our Clothes

can almost always be dressed up or down and we carry jewelry and accessories to make any transition seamless.  We look for organic, social good, eco-friendly and handmade items whenever possible.  No fast fashion here… Instead, enjoy a curated selection of sturdy, comfortable and super versatile pieces for everyday to event days  that you can feel good about buying.

Blue Clothes


We’re currently working on adding 100% cotton and linen textiles for home and décor items for house and garden.  Stay tuned!

Turkish Towels Robes
Pearls Linen
Purple Pearls

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